60 years focused on metallurgy / mine / water industry pump system

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Split Casing Pump

Save 20% of the procurement cost, can replace 95% of the similar foreign products.

154,000 Sets Sales Volume

30 Years Average Life

216m Maximum Head

30,000m³/h Maximum Flow

Slurry Pump/
Multistage Pump

Save 20% of the procurement cost, can replace 95% of the similar foreign products.

50,000 Sets Sales Volume

20 Years Average Life

1,500m Maximum Head

60,000m³/h Maximum Flow

Axial Flow Pump

Save 20% of the procurement cost, can replace 95% of the similar foreign products.

21,000 Sets Sales Volume

35 Years Average Life

28m Maximum Head

200,000m³/h Maximum Flow

Success case

  • Iron and Steel Metallurgy
  • Petrochemical Technology
  • Water conservancy
  • Nonferrous mineral
  • Electric powerCoal
  • Coal Industry
  • Environmental Protection
  • Fire Control
  • Algeria 2.3 million tons/year steelmaking and continuous casting projects



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  • Construction of the cooling water circulation system of the tai-plastic river

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  • The main package project of tai-plastic river jing 1/2

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  • Nanjiang steel continuous casting project nanjiang steel base rolling steel engineering main auxiliary water pump

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  • Yellow line DB3 # oil pump energy-saving renovation project

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  • Coal coking comprehensive utilization project (phase ii) 200,000-ton/year coke oven gas methanol project

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  • Ethylene derivatives engineering 120,000 tons/year non-ionic surfactant devices

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  • XLP2 projects

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  • The main canal of irrigation project in nanyang canal, dongxiang, gansu province

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  • The huo qiu station is updated to upgrade the engineering equipment

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  • Weinan municipal pumping water pushi water supply pushi sedimentation pond project

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  • Water supply phase I (phase I) project in hedong district of pingluo county (shizuishan Yellow River water plant)

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  • Iron ore 2 million t/a beneficiation works

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  • The first phase engineering equipment of the lihui stone mine in yjiang river

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  • The new longdam separation project for low-grade phosphate ore in the urn fook phosphate mine is proposed

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  • Hjoqiu iron ore processing project rolling steel engineering

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  • The 3 x 55MW desulfurization system project of the power plant was used

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  • 4 * 600MW unit engineering

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  • Huaneng yingcheng heat and electricity generation "big pressure small" new project

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  • 2 x 600MW supercritical unit

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  • Liu dian coal mine, qingdong coal mine and other underground main drainage pumps

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  • Ningxia yingli coal industry co., LTD. Sabah coal mine

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  • Inner Mongolia manchuangshi coal group point shigou coal preparation plant

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  • Hegang mining bureau and jixi mine bureau underground main drainage pump

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  • China huaneng hainan power plant co., LTD., an environmental integration project of 2 * 350MW unit

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  • Weifang life waste incineration power generation project

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  • Hangzhou jiufeng living waste incineration power plant project

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  • Yingkou jinhua steel co. LTD Sewage farm reconstruction project

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  • The first phase engineering fire pump group of the cumoa copper and cobalt mine in the Congo

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  • Water engineering general pump and fire pump for the 225MW combined cycle power station in hilla, Bangladesh

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  • Vietnam sheng long 2 * 300MW fire power plant engineering fire pump group

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  • Zhejiang real estate ring energy co., LTD. Heat and power co., LTD.

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They All Chose Sanlian Pump

On Time Delivery and quick service

Five Advantages

Provide industrial pump solution.

Sanlian Pump Industry Co., Ltd. Is a National High-tech Enterprise, which has passed ISO9001 Quality Certificate, Coal Mine Safety System Certificate, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certificate and GB/T28001 Occupational Health Safety Certificate...

  • Company advantage01
  • Product advantage02
  • Casting process03
  • Quality guarantee04
  • Quick service05
  • Established in 1957, has 61 years history, with strong technical technical team.

    One of the largest modern production base in China's pump industry

    330000 ㎡ workshop, 700 sets of processing equipments, 50000 sets production ability

    More than 28 product series, 1000 product specifications,Six subsidiaries

    Through ISO9001 quality system and coal mine safety system certification

  • We have more than 200 patents and more than 100 certificates

    High quality pump products and perfect service solutions

    More than 80 people's technology researchcenter, 700 processing equipment

    160 sets of testing equipments, severe product assembly program

    High quality series products and perfect professional service system

  • with an advanced large foundry

    Good faith;The good faith to do things;Integrity products

    Win the market with excellent product quality and service

    Advanced machine processing assembly, testing each link strictly control

  • Received more than 50 system certifications

    Has the national key technology project technical center

    Cooperate with professional institutes

    The products all meet international standards such as API310, DIN, ANSI, ISO, etc

  • We will set out as soon as you need.

    We carry out the after-sales service of our products and pursue your satisfaction

    Always put customers' interests first and customer satisfaction

    Provide full time service to meet customer's differentiated needs

Sanlian Pump Group Co., Ltd

Sanlian Pump Group Co., Ltd is a listed company integrated with research and development, manufacturing, sales and after sales service, we are the designated supplier of Baosteel, Sinopec, PetroChina, etc.

More than 30 sales and after-sales office in China

Perfect network system to provide customers with convenient and efficient service

  • Headquarter

    Sanlian headquarter

    ADD: Economic Development Zone, Hexian, Anhui, China.

  • Shanghai

    Sanlian Shanghai branch

    ADD:NO. 139, Tianwang Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China.