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Talent mechanism

The company always regards human resource management as the first important link of enterprise management. Adhere to the management philosophy of "people-oriented", adhere to the management policy of "clear responsibility, consistent position and reasonable salary", and provide a good career stage for employees. We implement the post competition mechanism, activate the talent precipitation layer through internal recruitment and external selection, promote the outstanding talents, and realize the effective development and rational allocation of human resources. Companies in the "dramatic, education, employment, retention" has established a complete set of incentive mechanism, through specific salary, benefits, training, determining, the implementation of a series of measures such as rationalization proposals, constantly improve the quality of employees, optimize personnel structure. The three people believe that the effective development and management of human resources are the needs of sustainable development of enterprises. It is the goal of the company to establish a talent mechanism that is efficient, efficient and unequable.


◇ Five social insurance and one housing fund (pensions, health, unemployment, injury, childbirth, housing accumulation fund)

◇ Rescue of a serious illness

◇ Free of charge

◇ Food allowance

◇ Paid training

◇ Paid vacation

◇ Regular free health check-ups

◇ Family red and white matter consolation gold, pension

◇ Colorful and colorful activities

◇ Organize employees to travel

◇ Holiday gifts