60 years focused on metallurgy / mine / water industry pump system

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Sanlian pump industry group is a collection of r &d, manufacturing, sales, services and overall solutions in the integration of listed companies, the group by sanlian pump industry co., LTD., anhui solido casting industry co., LTD., long yasuda sanlian pump industry (anhui) co., LTD., anhui sanlian industrial engineering technology co., LTD, anhui pofoco motor pumps manufacturing co., LTD., Shanghai sanlian pump industry co., LTD. And other subsidiaries.

The headquarters of the group covers an area of nearly 500 mu, and there are more than 1000 employees, including more than 300 engineers and technicians. Sanlian pump industry group, the main production of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy, municipal, non-ferrous minerals, power, light industry, coal, fire control, environmental protection water treatment and other industries pump used in the products, high and low voltage electrical control equipment, environmental equipment, etc., and undertake various BOT/EPC projects both at home and abroad, and for all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises to provide equipment maintenance and maintenance of general contracting services.

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一、Recruiting Position

Technical class 5-10: product design engineer, technical support engineer, process engineer;

二、Job requirement

1、Professional requirements: mechanical, electromechanical, numerical control, mould and other mechanical related majors; Metal materials, material forming and control, metal smelting major;

2、Educational requirements: bachelor degree or above.

三、Salary and welfare

1、The salary for the probation period is RMB 2,800 yuan/month. The salary is RMB 3,300 / month after the transfer, and the salary is paid 1-2 times per year.

2、Enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund benefits;

3、Enjoy all kinds of holidays according to the regulations of the state.

4、The Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, the Spring Festival holiday to pay the fee, the staff birthday party activities;

5、The company provides the collective accommodation (with air conditioning), reading room, staff activity center, basketball court, table tennis room and other recreational facilities, regular entertainment activities;

6、The company provided a meal supplement.




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