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The company's first Labour competition awards ceremony was reported

Date:2016-11-05  Views:1602

On the morning of November 5, the first labor competition awards ceremony was held in the multi-functional hall, the group hr director, zhao renan, the company's director of production, made the ceremony to attend the ceremony 。

Lasted for more than a month of the first labor skills competition in party, under the elaborate organization of trade unions, the company obtained the company leadership and the production workshop of strong support and cooperation, has achieved a complete success, each record production data. The award ceremony was presided over by li chaobin, vice manager of the company's production and management department, and the representatives of the winning employees, wang hongwen and tang shoujun respectively. Group Zhao Zong during a ceremony to award staff bonuses, tao always on his speech hope winning employees avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts, fully carry forward the master spirit, ready to take the lead role; The staff should follow the example and continue to be in good condition, and strive for the development and expansion of the triple pump industry 。