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The three training courses are officially open

Date:2017-03-16  Views:1556

On March 15, 2017, sanlian loon group formally opened the class after signing up for improvement and approval of the company's leadership 。

"The science of uniting themselves, improve the joint" is the tenet of existence, hidden dragon class classroom Wu Renyan active willing to wu to the first hidden dragon class monitor, responsible for every 2 weeks to organize a hidden dragon class theme activities, search on common problems, study and solve 。

As the first class in the class, the students is the purpose of the hidden dragon class, theme activities and team development stage and so on question has carried on the communication in the classroom, theme content as follows: the production site improvement, process improvement, cost, quality, safety, training, etc. The atmosphere was lively and everyone had their own opinions 。

Hidden dragon class implements the in and out of the free mode, any condition to which it is in line with the initiative all can continue to register, welcome all the interested talent to join, make hidden dragon class results continue to grow stronger, frequently, become the backbone company, growing together with the joint 。

List of potential dragon crew members (9 persons)

Back row (left to right) : technology - xue technology department - YanHang Ann do - general - Wu Renyan Li Kaibing technology department Personnel information - xu jing personnel information - zhou bing has done solido production - Zhao Xunlei

Front row left: personnel information department - jiang ran front row: the bidding management department - yao yongjing