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The company organizes new sales staff to focus on training

Date:2017-04-07  Views:1238

On March 20, 2017, the company launched an 11-day new entry training program for new sales personnel from all over the country 。

This training is mainly for new sales staff fully understand and into the company culture, promote teamwork ability, enhance personal qualities, the training content in the history of the company, the enterprise culture, rules and regulations, product knowledge, etc. During the training, chairman of the board of directors of the company what Dr Zhu dong and the President also hands-on teaching, for the new employees in the process of enterprise environment injected power and confidence, for the start of the "new" life laid a solid foundation 。

After the training, the new staff will not only have a comprehensive understanding of the company through this training, but also have full confidence in the prospects of the enterprise and the development of personal career 。

The enterprise attaches importance to the input of talents, and the induction training is an important guideline for an employee to gradually become familiar with, adapt to the organizational environment, accurately locate his role and make full use of his talents. The company will continue to be a good employee in all stages of training 。