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The company organized the 18th China international hi-tech fair

Date:2016-11-16  Views:3078

On November 16th, the 18th annual China international hi-tech fair in shenzhen grand opening, our guangzhou office manager Deng Lin together with the new pump to participate in the exhibition, desalination opening ceremony the same day the provinces will mainly lead to this province pavilion 。

During the fair in anhui province, vice governor zhang shuguang, the anhui province business hall of arrow and the provincial government office personnel, ma on shan business bureau leaders came to our booth again, vice governor zhang and zhang of the seawater pump of sanlian pump industry exhibition interested, vice governor zhang ask for details of the seawater pump working principle, application range, and in anhui province, nationwide sales market situation, finally vice governor zhang good momentum for the development of the company for me to give the full affirmation. We hope that our company will continue to build on its own advantages, emancipate the mind, innovate ideas, and push the company's economic development to a new level 。