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The company organized to participate in the 8th China (Shanghai) international fluid machinery exhibition

Date:2016-11-26  Views:1644

On November 10, 2016-12, sponsored by the China general machinery industry association with each branch of the "2016 of the eighth China (Shanghai) international fluid machinery exhibition (IFME)" in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall. Live show audience focus from pumps, valves, fan, compressor and air separation equipment, the five professional products and technology of the plates, and fluid machinery manufacturing + + Internet services, manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing such as innovation and development, transformation and upgrading 。

This exhibition with 8 sets of products from our company, my company on pipeline pump, boiler feed water pump and new products, such as chemical process pump by the attention of the customers and industry colleagues. Through this exhibition, we further demonstrate the image of the company, help the company expand the new market, tap the potential customers, and provide the driving force for the further development of the company。