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City leaders visit the company to investigate "two studies and one do" work

Date:2016-05-12  Views:974

On the morning of May 12, wang wei, member of the standing committee of the CPC committee and the secretary of the organizing committee, accompanied the county party secretary, liu shou, to investigate the work of "two studies and one work". He xiangyan, chairman of the company, accompanied the investigation 。

Glowei line visited company showrooms and party member activity room, listening to what dong structure of party members and the "two learn how to make a" detailed report after carrying case, glowei "two learn how to make a" to the company and the construction of the party construction situation to give the full affirmation, hope to the company by learning education pays special attention to grasp the real work, give full play to the party member's cutting edge exemplary role, the real learning into the development of the company's actual ability 。