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Zhang xiaolin, the party secretary, came to our company for research and guidance

Date:2016-05-19  Views:951

On the morning of May 19, zhang xiaolin, the secretary of the communist party committee, visited our company to study "two studies and one" to study education. Wang wei, member of the standing committee of the municipal committee of CPC, wang wei, the secretary general of the municipal committee, and sun jun, general secretary of the CPC committee; County leader liu shu, wang jishou and other accompanying research 。

Research, party secretary zhang details about my company "two learn how to make a" learning education to carry out the situation, that the company has been the enterprise development and the organic combination of party construction, by conducting "catch, collect, transfer," such as work to improve the quality of employees, improve the quality of products, to promote enterprise development, secretary zhang nodded approvingly. He hopes that the company will continue to focus on the development of its own party and build a brand of the party building in the development of the party 。