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The county safety committee will organize the whole county safe production work

Date:2016-09-26  Views:934

On the morning of September 26, the county's security council held a present session of the safe production in the county. The deputy head of the county, song jiaming and qin zongchuan, brought together more than 40 people from seven towns, three parks, 10 county departments and relevant departments and security supervisors to visit our workshop 。

Guang-zhu li, our manager in the devices to speak at the meeting, my company to create standards for the gripper safety production standardization, through perfecting the safety management organization, the implementation of the production safety education and training, publicity, examination, practice, technology and equipment modification, eliminate potential hazards and man-made damage, improve the company employee safety awareness 。

Finally county, director of the office, and work safety bureau Huang Yong for the company's production safety management to give the full affirmation, at the same time I hope the company continues to serious pays special attention to the standardization of production safety standards create work, continuously explore innovation to adapt to the new business mode under the way of safety production supervision 。