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Li xin, director of the organization department of the provincial committee, visited our company

Date:2016-10-18  Views:972

On the morning of October 18, li xin, the head of the organization department of the organization department of the provincial party committee, was accompanied by xu zhongke, deputy secretary of the party committee of the county development zone. Company general manager tang cheng, chairman assistant li jun accompanied the survey all the way 。

Mr. Li visited the company exhibition hall first, and then communicated deeply about the party building in the activity room of the party members. Lee, director of the party in recent years on the joint to the enterprise culture construction and the party member activities to carry out the full affirmation, stressed that enterprises should continue to revolve around development needs the party and stronger, and hope we can continue to play a party member's cutting edge exemplary role of party members, the enterprise party construction activities to further develop and expand, more power for the development of enterprises 。