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The county party secretary, liu shu, visited our company to inspect the affected areas

Date:2016-07-12  Views:941

On the morning of July 12, the head of the county party committee, liu shu, county economic development zone and county economic development zone, was in charge of the company to investigate the disaster. He xiangyan, chairman of the company, accompanied him all the way 。  

Liu Shuji a line into the factory go directly to the factory after the scene, understand the situation, by talking to the leaders of the factory and the disaster and front-line workers, to understand our factory the actual situation, and listen to the leadership of the relevant report.

Finally Liu Shu asked related departments to pay special attention to the enterprise the loss report and verification work, strive for the superior policy support, the enterprise losses to a minimum, stresses the flood disaster relief is not relaxed, one hand economic development does not waver, do "to combine and hard hands", ensure the flood relief comprehensive victory at the same time, the successful completion of the annual economic growth target tasks.