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Zhou shanwu, member of the standing committee of the CPC committee and the standing deputy mayor, came to our company to investigate

Date:2016-09-01  Views:1003

On the morning of September 1, zhou shanwu, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and deputy mayor of the standing committee of the CPC, came to our company for research and guidance. Deputy secretary of the county party committee, the county chief, dai rui, the standing committee of the county committee, the standing deputy head of the county, liu yongjun, director of the county economic development zone, and other leaders accompanied the investigation. Company general manager tang cheng, chairman assistant li jun accompanied all the way 。

Weeks after the mayor, a line of the factory went straight to the workshop, after hearing the don always about the company's production management and technological innovation, and so on and so forth after the detailed report, mayor zhou good momentum for the development of the company for me to give the full affirmation. We hope that our company will continue to build on its own advantages, emancipate the mind, innovate ideas, and push the company's economic development to a new level 。